Nemesis – Power / Beauty / Ease – May update 1.5 & Running like a dream!  #KODIUKTV

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UPDATE 29th May 2016 

We have updated the build to 1.6 to change a couple of bits but not enough to warrent a full article.

You now don’t need a personal login for IVUETVGuide – Huge thanks to #TeamIvue for them letting us do this for you.

The TV guide is all setup & ready to go from the moment you install.

We have also added the Pegasus add-on & this is on the Movies / Sports / Kids sub menus check it out and let us know what you think on our & .

OK Guys! well the time has come – We have been wanting to get this out for the last couple of weeks but with the STREaM News & other projects taking our time up it was difficult to get out. But its here & this is a stunning update. So here we have it Nemesis 1.5 – Power / Beauty / Ease & WOW! What an update this is. This new version has been build from the ground up. Literally – We see the build made 100mb lighter now weighing in at just a tiny 200mb. There is some awesome new addons & features in the build this time round.

We have removed quite a heavy load of add-ons & repos from the build meaning that the system boots & runs faster than ever never mind the fact its 100mb lighter. Killing off dead weight was something we needed to do here. Giving the build a fresh set of add-ons to work from & giving you everything you need for the daily driver.

There is some awesome new add-ons that have gone into the build. We see Evolve head in there aswell as others like – Live Mix / VidTime / ProSport / Bulldog Streams (operation Robocop) / AK47 & more.

A huge thanks to the guys over at IVUE - Who we have the pleasure of working with & can confirm IVUE2 will be a part of all vyvodpaypalTV Official Builds.

    As with all official #KODIUKTV Builds you get IVUE TVGuide setup & ready to roll with the custom vyvodpaypalTV Skin from the moment you turn your box on! Giving you access to all your channel needs!

    We are so excited to hear what you think of this version this we think is the biggest change since the build has had since it was released and will set the foundations for future updates!


      For those of you that are interested in a change log here it is:

      Dexter TV – Removed
      Sports Donkey – Removed
      Sports Mania – Removed
      VDUB25 – Didn’t want to remove – but has been dead for nearly a year
      Movie Hut – Removed
      Operation Robocop – Removed
      Soap Catchup – Removed
      Lots of old & unused repo’s removed
      Live Mix – Installed & linked to TVGuide Submenu
      Vid Time – Installed repo & Addon
      Pro Sport – Installed & Linked to Sports sub menu
      Bulldog Streams – Installed & Linked to Sports sub menu
      Castaway – New Repo & Addon
      NJM Soccer – New repo & Addon
      AresWizard – New repo & Addon
      Evolve – Linked to TV Guide & Sports submenus
      Project Cypher – New Repo & Addon
      AK 47 – Installed Addon & Repo Linked to Sprots Sub Menu
      Sports – New sports widget – AK47 Live Sports
      TVGuide – Sub menu update
      Sports – Sub menu update
      File Manager clean up
      Repo clean up
      Clear Cache
      Clear Packages
      Deleted Thumbnails
      Salts – Configured sources & timeout
      Exodus – Sources & time out tweaked

      Installation Details:

      1 – Installation via   (Recommended) Single click install for Windows & Android.

      2 – Installation VIA the vyvodpaypalTV Wizard Click here (Second Install method) – Android only.

      Any trouble or have want to give your input on the build then head over to our & Forums #KODIUKTV

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